Florida Poisonous Snakes 应用的评论


Simply Does Not Work!

Apple should immediately remove this bogus app. It is a rip off! Fraudulent!

No Stars

Doesn't work. Locks on home screen. Been this way for months

Doesnt work

What they dont tell you is that this app DOES NOT work on an ipad If you want this for ipad dont buy it

By Emilio

Only 1 picture shows. Apple should remove this App.Does not work. The App authors told me they are waiting for Apple approval of a new update to fix the problem

doesn't work

The app used to work, it was great to use when camping and hiking. It is worthless now. There is nothing there; no tabs, no photos, zip.

App does not work

I too purchased this app and it did not work. I couldn't even get a report option .

App does not work

Installed this app a while ago. Menu for buttons is missing. Reported to support and was told an update is on the way. Has been a while now and still nothing. Wonder if the author made it to the poisonous snake list.

App does not work

Only one picture shows up on the screen.

Great app!

The pictures were of great quality and helped me out recently when I was in the yard. Great app!

Very poor quality

I am very disappointed. First I had the impression that all 45 snakes are in this app, which is not the case. There are 6 snakes in this app. The 6 that are poison. The description is not very clear about that. Then the pictures are small and there is only 1 pic per snake. I can do better using Safari and search on the Internet. This app is not worth to be installed. Sorry but this app needs a lot of work. 

Excellant app

Great photos to help you ID the snake excellant written info about each snake and where you may find them.


This app does nothing to help ID snake and photos are weak

Great App!

As a science teacher I found it to be accurate and very informative! Good work Origin Technologies!

Very accurate and well done!

Origin has done a great job with this application. As a herpetologist, I looked for inaccuracies, but found the information to be accurate. The photos were great, and in some cases showed slightly different color phases which can be very helpul in the identification.

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